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Belly Dance with Ana

Belly Dance with Ana

Photo by Jim Beis, Mayor of Pierrefonds-Roxboro & altered with Prisma.

I was born in Spain with Andalusian Gypsy roots on my father's side.

My lifelong passion for dance & Egyptology drew me into the world of Belly Dance.

Oxfam Benefit, Ottawa, 2007

Over 15 years ago, I began studying with Perouze Messiha & Funda Pakis in Montreal.

Since then, I have also participated in numerous workshops

& classes with wonderful instructors throughout Spain listed here

Photo by drNdrfn

Since 2006, I have been teaching Belly Dance fitness, Bollywood,

Bellywood (Belly Dance & Bollywood), & Oriental Flamenco (Belly Dance & Flamenco)

at these locations

Photo by Jim Beis

From Girl Guides to seniors groups, I am available for workshops,

baby or wedding showers, and bachelorette parties:


Children's Parties

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This session is for 8 weeks and takes place in D.D.O.

For more info & to be added to my mailing list:

All levels, lots of fun!

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Backstage before the annual Hip Hop House show:

December 2017:

Oriental Flamenco at Le Festivale International de la Poesie de Montreal, Place des Arts, 2009:


I'm also a writer & have contributed many articles on Belly Dance to "Zaghareet!" magazine.

My 8th book is about the Moorish and Gypsy dance history of Spain:


My latest, "Beyond Perfumes and Fragrances", explores the history and development of perfumery, aromatherapy, flower remedies, floral superstitions, traditions, and much more.

Also available through

My father's artwork has graced a few of my books including the above covers.

Please take a moment to visit his page:Manuel Ruiz

My father and I in Paris, 2007.

If you would like to read your astrological dance profile, click here:


My channel on YouTube

My page on Belly Dance Flamenco Fusion

And Bollywood!

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Hablo Espaņol!


Illustration by my father, Manuel Ruiz:

Dancing in Madrid:

Last update: December 2018